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7 Pillars of a Leading Real Estate Professional (e-book)

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Hey You! (the awesome real estate professional reading this)

Many of the leading professionals in our business have these pillars in common.

What’s a pillar really? A pillar is a fundamental principle or practice

I'm fortunate to constantly speak with some of the top professionals in our industry; Agents, Team Leaders & Brokers. I reached out to a select few and spoke to each about a pillar they really excel in. Amazing professionals, and more so amazing people. Individually they accomplished great things including the following:

  • Sell 500+ homes in 1 year

  • Build Real Estate organizations including thousands of agents

  • Rank Worldwide as Top Agents, Teams & Brokers at their firms & in industry rankings

  • Be Nationally recognized by Real Trends, Inman, Zillow, Forbes, Wall Street Journal

Collectively they sold Billions of dollars worth of real estate, generated Millions (perhaps Billions) in commissions for themselves, teams, and brokerages, and more so have led and impacted the lives of many in and out of our industry.

They happen to share remarkably similar principals, fundamentals, and practices – Pillars – that led to where they are today and their continued exponential growth.

I compiled the notes of these conversations in this e-book for you, bringing you advice from the very best in our business. But remember, unapplied knowledge is simply entertainment. I hope that you take some of the tips shared here to improve your business and your life.

The tips you take and apply maybe small, but small things consistently create a big difference.

~ Mena Badros

Briefly about me:

Simply, I’m a person who’s about making a positive impact in the lives of others.

I’ve done so prior to real estate and continue to do so now with agents & leaders in our business.

I’m a licensed real estate agent, and a licensed real estate instructor.

I’ve trained & taught thousands of real estate professionals in many states around the country,

and I love providing people with valuable information to improve their life & business.

My passion is to serve, give and impact.

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7 Pillars of a Leading Real Estate Professional (e-book)

$49 Value. Now Free for a Limited Time!🕖

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